Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here we go again.

Stressed. That is what I am going to be from now until December 17th. I am so stressed out about school holy moly! I've got a chemistry test on friday, (Please pray for me to do well :D) a paper due whenever but it is about poetry and I don't understand! A paper and two tests next week and then from there it goes downhill. Finals week is coming up and if I'm peeing my pants right now with one test and a paper how am I possibly going to be okay with 5 tests and a paper?! Wow, God will be hearing me a lot that week. But on the plus side, I had breakfast with my Dad this morning and it was lovely, eggs benedict, a cup of coffee and my pops. He talked to me about majors and stuff that is happening in my life and it was good, it was also good to be up before my class because I was ready and awake by then, maybe I should start getting up and working out before classes... My friends always make me smile though, tonight we were laughing and it was good. I'm glad I have a lot of support in my life it makes things a lot easier.
I am so ready for Hilary (my best friend since forever) to come back to Lincoln! I'm so excited, she is always the best and always makes me laugh and I miss her a whole lot, her going to college in a different state is not working out so well, I feel like I'm missing something all the time. But she will be back for Christmas break and we will see a lot of each other! yay!
Today's Devotion:
"Our only power and success comes from God" 2- Corinthians 3:5
It is God's will for you to succeed both in your spiritual life and in your daily labors. If you excel in your work but neglect your soul, you may end up with every material blessing, but find that none of it satisfies. If you are deeply spiritual but unsuccessful and struggling in your work, you will be unable to properly provide for your family. God knows that both are important.
Success in one area of your life does not guarantee success in others, so always do your best and pray over every sphere of your life. God wants to bless you in every way. He wants you to succeed.
"Three qualities vital to success: toil, solitude, prayer." - Carl Sandberg
This devotion is so important in my life right now because of course it applies! I've just talked about how stressed I am about schoolwork and then this devotion about succeeding in every aspect of my life! Wow, I know that God wants me to succeed and that is why I am going to lean on him when I get out of control stressed, I am going to talk to him and he will calm me down. Most importantly I am not going to forget my soul during finals week, I am not going to forget who I am and what I stand for. I just know that I can lean on God and lean on every person who supports me and I will survive with shining colors. And all of you who are stressed about life and things are going crazy and you feel like you have too much on your plate right now. Breathe. Pray. We are all here for you to help, support, take a deep breathe and just relax. We all stress but we need to just breathe and relax and just talk to God, he is always there to listen. God is wonderful. God is amazing. God is here for you.

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