Monday, November 8, 2010

My new mission

I decided that I am going to start writing my devotions down and my thoughts about them. I just feel like writing down my thoughts about God makes them more special? I don't know, maybe I can put some light into someone else's eyes.
These are all devotions from God's Daily Answer- 365 devotions, devotions to renew your soul
Monday November 8, 2010
"God's angel set up a circle of protection around us while we pray" Psalm 34:7
Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. Others think that life simply happens and God's children are touched with pain and accidents like everyone else. Who's right? That's a question that may not be answered in this life.
What can you be sure of is that God has the power to protect you and He has promised to do so. When you pray, He can do the miraculous to keep you safe. And yet, bad things do happen to good people. It is best to remember that even when you find yourself passing through the valley of the shadow of death, God will be with you. He will walk every inch of that valley with you. And together you will reach the other side.
"Those who walk in God's shadow are not threatened by the storm." Andrea Garney

My journey with this devotion book has been like nothing else, each day the devotion reminds me of something that has happened lately. Last night I was walking in a sketch area alone in the dark and I prayed to God to keep me safe, of course he did but this devotion just reminds me of that "God will be with you. He will walk every inch of that valley with you." He is so amazing in everything that he does and I am so blessed to be here because of him. I life through him everyday and he helps  me get by, even through the bad times in my life. God is wonderful. God is amazing. God is here for you.

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