Monday, January 31, 2011

Stay Strong

It sucks to feel alone in all of this.
But it sucks even more to know that no matter what people say, nothing is going to help.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fate or coincidence?

I truly believe that God puts us in positions and places on purpose. My roommate has been put in positions like this lately because she prayed to God about giving her a new challenge that she's never dealt with before. It gave me inspiration to ask the same thing, I prayed today in class (yes, I know..) and asked God to challenge me in a way that I've never been challenged before, to make it something that is relevant to my life and to help me.
I believe I was put in that challenge today. If the events that happened today had not happened I would have gone out and had fun just like any other night, but because of what happened I decided to stay in and take my little sister to dinner, which after I went to Hanna Jenkin's room. I teared up a little when I got there I had finally sat down and breathed and I told her about it and she because talked to me about how the same thing happened to her. She told me her mom is a sponsor and she would be more than happy to help out my family. I believe that God wanted me to find out about Lynn Jenkins. It was a sucky way to find out but I asked for challenging right?
I know this is kind of confusing but hey I don't want to spill my entire life out to randos! :) (Like randos even read my blog, I wish..)
Annnnnyways. Dinner and Cherry on top with Jacy and Cassi was really fun, they're funny girls. They make me smile and I like to joke around with them. I FOUND OUT JACY HAD A BOYFRIEND! She didn't tell me! Whatta sister. But a new kid is texting her (you'll see in the pictures) She doesn't like him she says and Cassi told me when she was refilling her pop that she's still hung up on her ex. Oooooh 7th grade drama! Here are some pictures of tonight!
Dinner was yummy. Chicken salad sandwich and fresh fruit. Good Choice Jacy! 
Here she is texting her new boy toy Jordan. :) Cassi's a funny gal she makes me laugh. 
Cassi was making fun of me for taking so many pictures. 

I should probably hit the hay because I have a looonnnng day ahead of me tomorrow .
Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stay in yo lane!

So I was driving home from a stressful/nice/sad/fun time at my house after work and I was singing and dancing in the car (yes, I do this often) and I was driving next to this guy, he was a little ahead of me and then he turns on his blinker to get into my lane. I was like okay, fine go ahead but then he never did? So I was like okay, I'll speed up and pass you because that's obviously what you're acting like you want and so when I try to do this the corner comes up and he tries to turn the corner! He's in the second lane?! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE SIR?! No, he doesn't, so it was the first time I ever realllllly used my horn and then after like two minutes I yelled STAY IN YO LANE, like Tracy:
Annnyways, yeah that really happened. :) 
Today was sooo nice out, I mean not like I like it (95 degrees) But it was 40? I mean that's nice for this time in January. I just really want spring/summer to be here. This is what I would imagine wearing out in the near future if I could ever look good/fit into it. 
It might not all match, but I like it. It's summery and cute and summery. I wanted to find some really cute sandals but I'm new to this whole polyvore thing and I didn't know how to... Oh well it's not summer, this is what I'm actually wearing (I dressed cute for ONCE) 
 Baaaad, terrible, gross picture but I didn't have time.
Shirt: Urban
Jeans: Urban
Boots: Christmas gift?
 My dog.
I am again wearing Jacy's earrings :) she yelled at me today.
My usual watch and bracelet combo.

This is the new ring that I got. It's bright and stuff so you can't see it all but yeayeayeah. 
My day was craycray, but dinner with my dad was niiice. 
My roommate is the funniest person ever. She is obsessed with Rex Burkhead and she sat NEXT to him at the testing center and she is faaarrreaking out right now. She can't stop smiling/laughing and it's sooo cute. 
This was a bunch of randoms. 
I should probs go do homework. Boo. It's late and I haven't started. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Zumba and Disney Filled Day

The two things that actually had me motivated to do my homework today was that I was listening to Disney pandora and loving it (literally smiled through my whole homework doing and I mean.. come one who has ever done that?!) and being excited to do Zumba workout with the Deegee's after meeting tonight.
IT was soooo much fun! I danced like I've never danced before (lies) and I had so much fun, I think I burned equally as much calories laughing as dancing but it was a lot of fun. It made me really happy and it was actually fun.

I'm finally getting over my cold thank the lord! It's just the ending cough and sniffly nose that I have and I can live with that, I just hope I don't wake jordan up too much in the night... 
It's been 25 days since I've seen my sister and I'm starting to realize I'm going to miss her a lot more then I thought I was going to (and I thought I was going to miss her a lot) goodness. I'm not prepared for 4 more months of not seeing her. So heyya Dad you should buy me a plane ticket and I can ya know, just pop on over to France and see her? Yeah? Yeah I think so. :) But I really miss her, a lot. 
I feel like this week is going to be very stressful, I have a TON of homework that I'm not prepared to do and I just don't want to do it. But I got off work tomorrow so I have all day to catch up, goooood because I need it! Wish me luck! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grilled cheese, fries and pies.

Sitting in the Hi-way Diner for four hours on a Saturday night with my girls is the best thing ever! I probably lose as many calories as I eat... HA not really but I laugh a lot and it's really fun. The conversations that I've had in the past 24 hours have been quite splendid.
It's amazing how much you can talk about with people who know you so well, you would think that after awhile there would be nothing else to talk about. I like the people that I surround myself with and I'm comfortable with them, it makes me feel like I'm living my life right. I don't need to be living in a huge city or doing things that change the world to make me happy. I am a girl that is pleased with living in a small town with all four season and if I have people that I trust and have fun with around me, I'm a happy girl.
Pictures of my night:
My new sweater that I am IN LOVE WITH. And my pups that I miss so much during the week. (He's about to sneeze so he doesn't look very cute...hah.)
And you can't really see because of the flash but I found these reallllly cute earrings on my counter at home, they're white and gold flowers. :)
 It's literally blizzarding out and it's beautiful! Too bad tomorrow it's going to be black slush and Monday I'm going to have to WALK to class in it! Boooo.
 They are all going to KILL me for posting these, but some candid shots of my friendsies that I adore so much at the diner. You can see we were eating our hearts out and drinking diet pepsi like it would never end. (By the way, that is a scarf she is using as a blanket, handy right? We sat by the door, not a pleasant idea) ALSO, you can see how sketchy it is, awesome right?
Emily was asking me why I was taking so many pictures. This is why Shmem, this is why. :)

Basically to end the story short, my life is good and I'm a happy frappy camper.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Boo I hate having a cold. I tossed and turned all night last night, I feel like I woke Jordan up like twelve times but I couldn't help it, sorry that I can't breath half the night and the other half my nose is about to explode! Okay, ew I know but it's real life, get over it.

I only have two classes today and one of them is already done! I'm just sitting in the dining hall with Josi and Tiler waiting to walk in the arctic to Bessey hall, whatta name right? And it's mythology which means that I only have to sit there for 50 minutes listening to theee cutest old man in the world, okay that's a lie because I've met plenty of cute old men at the Landing uh Mr. Olssen hello?!

I am now sitting in Bessey Hall waiting for the cute professor to come lecture having a sneezing attack. Cute. Reppin my usual outfit, sweatshirt (courtesy of my DG mommy Liv! and of course nothing other then leggings! Two pairs so I don't freeze duh) I decided to use the comic book vibe because A. I'm in mythology so it kind of goes? not really, but hey. and B. because I am sick/gross/no makeup/ew looking and this effect kiiiiind of disguises it..
I feel like this weekend will be a lot of sitting around and doing homework aka watching Grey's and drinking hot drinks.. oh and blowing my nose.
Hopefully I don't die of congestion! Seeya!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to Bloggin'

Haha I'm glad that I followed up on doing one picture a day.. sweet failure.
I feel like I shouldn't have a plan for this blog, but just blog when I feel like bloggin' ya know?

My life has been pretty hectic lately, a lot of running around. My older sister, Bryttie, left for France for a whole semester on New Years Eve so I'm left doing all of her old duties; taking care of my little sister sometimes, taking care of the counseling sessions, taking care of my dad haha. This is me reppin' the college lifestyle of not showering/wearing leggings and sweatpants (Bryttie's sweatshirt thanks for going to France!)

I started new classes and I really like them and the professors, I feel like I might succeed this semester. But we will see I guess. The one thing I'm lacking is my creativity.. just like always. I'm not an artsy person and I hate sitting there comparing myself to other because they are all crafty and such and I'm just not. Hey, stop comparing.

I'm glad I can be there for Brytt during her breakup though, I'm glad she talks to me, it gives me a lot of hope that maybe when she comes back we will be close! Yay to getting homework done before 10 at night today.