Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grilled cheese, fries and pies.

Sitting in the Hi-way Diner for four hours on a Saturday night with my girls is the best thing ever! I probably lose as many calories as I eat... HA not really but I laugh a lot and it's really fun. The conversations that I've had in the past 24 hours have been quite splendid.
It's amazing how much you can talk about with people who know you so well, you would think that after awhile there would be nothing else to talk about. I like the people that I surround myself with and I'm comfortable with them, it makes me feel like I'm living my life right. I don't need to be living in a huge city or doing things that change the world to make me happy. I am a girl that is pleased with living in a small town with all four season and if I have people that I trust and have fun with around me, I'm a happy girl.
Pictures of my night:
My new sweater that I am IN LOVE WITH. And my pups that I miss so much during the week. (He's about to sneeze so he doesn't look very cute...hah.)
And you can't really see because of the flash but I found these reallllly cute earrings on my counter at home, they're white and gold flowers. :)
 It's literally blizzarding out and it's beautiful! Too bad tomorrow it's going to be black slush and Monday I'm going to have to WALK to class in it! Boooo.
 They are all going to KILL me for posting these, but some candid shots of my friendsies that I adore so much at the diner. You can see we were eating our hearts out and drinking diet pepsi like it would never end. (By the way, that is a scarf she is using as a blanket, handy right? We sat by the door, not a pleasant idea) ALSO, you can see how sketchy it is, awesome right?
Emily was asking me why I was taking so many pictures. This is why Shmem, this is why. :)

Basically to end the story short, my life is good and I'm a happy frappy camper.

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  1. you are so cute and i love that sweater and this is precious. yay (: