Friday, January 28, 2011

Fate or coincidence?

I truly believe that God puts us in positions and places on purpose. My roommate has been put in positions like this lately because she prayed to God about giving her a new challenge that she's never dealt with before. It gave me inspiration to ask the same thing, I prayed today in class (yes, I know..) and asked God to challenge me in a way that I've never been challenged before, to make it something that is relevant to my life and to help me.
I believe I was put in that challenge today. If the events that happened today had not happened I would have gone out and had fun just like any other night, but because of what happened I decided to stay in and take my little sister to dinner, which after I went to Hanna Jenkin's room. I teared up a little when I got there I had finally sat down and breathed and I told her about it and she because talked to me about how the same thing happened to her. She told me her mom is a sponsor and she would be more than happy to help out my family. I believe that God wanted me to find out about Lynn Jenkins. It was a sucky way to find out but I asked for challenging right?
I know this is kind of confusing but hey I don't want to spill my entire life out to randos! :) (Like randos even read my blog, I wish..)
Annnnnyways. Dinner and Cherry on top with Jacy and Cassi was really fun, they're funny girls. They make me smile and I like to joke around with them. I FOUND OUT JACY HAD A BOYFRIEND! She didn't tell me! Whatta sister. But a new kid is texting her (you'll see in the pictures) She doesn't like him she says and Cassi told me when she was refilling her pop that she's still hung up on her ex. Oooooh 7th grade drama! Here are some pictures of tonight!
Dinner was yummy. Chicken salad sandwich and fresh fruit. Good Choice Jacy! 
Here she is texting her new boy toy Jordan. :) Cassi's a funny gal she makes me laugh. 
Cassi was making fun of me for taking so many pictures. 

I should probably hit the hay because I have a looonnnng day ahead of me tomorrow .
Wish me luck!

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