Friday, January 21, 2011


Boo I hate having a cold. I tossed and turned all night last night, I feel like I woke Jordan up like twelve times but I couldn't help it, sorry that I can't breath half the night and the other half my nose is about to explode! Okay, ew I know but it's real life, get over it.

I only have two classes today and one of them is already done! I'm just sitting in the dining hall with Josi and Tiler waiting to walk in the arctic to Bessey hall, whatta name right? And it's mythology which means that I only have to sit there for 50 minutes listening to theee cutest old man in the world, okay that's a lie because I've met plenty of cute old men at the Landing uh Mr. Olssen hello?!

I am now sitting in Bessey Hall waiting for the cute professor to come lecture having a sneezing attack. Cute. Reppin my usual outfit, sweatshirt (courtesy of my DG mommy Liv! and of course nothing other then leggings! Two pairs so I don't freeze duh) I decided to use the comic book vibe because A. I'm in mythology so it kind of goes? not really, but hey. and B. because I am sick/gross/no makeup/ew looking and this effect kiiiiind of disguises it..
I feel like this weekend will be a lot of sitting around and doing homework aka watching Grey's and drinking hot drinks.. oh and blowing my nose.
Hopefully I don't die of congestion! Seeya!

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