Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to Bloggin'

Haha I'm glad that I followed up on doing one picture a day.. sweet failure.
I feel like I shouldn't have a plan for this blog, but just blog when I feel like bloggin' ya know?

My life has been pretty hectic lately, a lot of running around. My older sister, Bryttie, left for France for a whole semester on New Years Eve so I'm left doing all of her old duties; taking care of my little sister sometimes, taking care of the counseling sessions, taking care of my dad haha. This is me reppin' the college lifestyle of not showering/wearing leggings and sweatpants (Bryttie's sweatshirt thanks for going to France!)

I started new classes and I really like them and the professors, I feel like I might succeed this semester. But we will see I guess. The one thing I'm lacking is my creativity.. just like always. I'm not an artsy person and I hate sitting there comparing myself to other because they are all crafty and such and I'm just not. Hey, stop comparing.

I'm glad I can be there for Brytt during her breakup though, I'm glad she talks to me, it gives me a lot of hope that maybe when she comes back we will be close! Yay to getting homework done before 10 at night today.

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