Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stay in yo lane!

So I was driving home from a stressful/nice/sad/fun time at my house after work and I was singing and dancing in the car (yes, I do this often) and I was driving next to this guy, he was a little ahead of me and then he turns on his blinker to get into my lane. I was like okay, fine go ahead but then he never did? So I was like okay, I'll speed up and pass you because that's obviously what you're acting like you want and so when I try to do this the corner comes up and he tries to turn the corner! He's in the second lane?! DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DRIVE SIR?! No, he doesn't, so it was the first time I ever realllllly used my horn and then after like two minutes I yelled STAY IN YO LANE, like Tracy:
Annnyways, yeah that really happened. :) 
Today was sooo nice out, I mean not like I like it (95 degrees) But it was 40? I mean that's nice for this time in January. I just really want spring/summer to be here. This is what I would imagine wearing out in the near future if I could ever look good/fit into it. 
It might not all match, but I like it. It's summery and cute and summery. I wanted to find some really cute sandals but I'm new to this whole polyvore thing and I didn't know how to... Oh well it's not summer, this is what I'm actually wearing (I dressed cute for ONCE) 
 Baaaad, terrible, gross picture but I didn't have time.
Shirt: Urban
Jeans: Urban
Boots: Christmas gift?
 My dog.
I am again wearing Jacy's earrings :) she yelled at me today.
My usual watch and bracelet combo.

This is the new ring that I got. It's bright and stuff so you can't see it all but yeayeayeah. 
My day was craycray, but dinner with my dad was niiice. 
My roommate is the funniest person ever. She is obsessed with Rex Burkhead and she sat NEXT to him at the testing center and she is faaarrreaking out right now. She can't stop smiling/laughing and it's sooo cute. 
This was a bunch of randoms. 
I should probs go do homework. Boo. It's late and I haven't started. 

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