Friday, February 4, 2011

Broadway Sing-a-long

I think my favorite thing in the world is cranking our favorite broadway songs up so loud that you can barely even hear each other scream the lyrics while driving around town. I've loved it and have done it since we could drive. My personal favorites include Defying Gravity and of course my obsession right now 96,000. It's the best feeling ever and you can be as cheesy as you want.
Cracker Barrel is always delicious and it makes me so happy because there are so many old folks there (I think every old couple is cute and every cute old man I want to marry, just kidding but I love old men) and I get to act like a kid and play checkers on the huge checker board while waiting for a table. SO fun.
I'm glad I got to see some old friends tonight even if they were lame and went home before watching The Social Network. It was a fun night and it reminds me of old times. Awe.
I would post some pictures but if I posted the pictures that I took while watching the movie I think Anna and Tayler would both find a way to kill me later... so we're gonna have to pass on the pictures tonight to save my life. Sorry!

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