Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rainy Days

My day was supposed to be waking up and spending alllll day doing the homework that I just didn't feel like doing during the week. Cool right?
This is how I actually spent it:
Woke up at 12:30 to my dad emailing me from his bed asking me what we should do for lunch. So we decided to head over to the Famous Dave and have some soup and salad. Yummm it was good.
Came home and was still hooked on doing my homework because it was only 2 so I started and then my mom came home and she was just sooo talkative so I was trying to read while having her in the room, fail. I read 8 pages in an hour and 5 minutes. Really? Yes. Then she persuaded me to go shopping with her and I mean.. how could I resist? Sooo we went to Target :) And I got some nude heels!

Then we made our way to Old Navy where I got some jeggings, and then the Gap and thennnnn Pier One, I love that store it always smells so good and it's so colorful and I want to just buy a home and decorate it NOW. All the smells and the pillows and the....giraffes!  :)

Then my mom and I went to Blockbuster to get a movie for our girls night. We got Up in the Air and it was actually really good and funny. And I mean, with a movie comes popcorn... or should I say KETTLECORN. Yum.

My dad ordered some indian food and I ate all that up and my mom got some of this leave in conditioner so we washed our hair and put it in and then popped in the movie and had a splendid night.
So much for homework right?

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